This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the information collected from you when you visit this website, how it may be used, how you can control the use and disclosure of the information collected. concern you as well as the measures taken to protect this information. This Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use, which are incorporated by reference. 

The electronic store (e-shop) Epiplochoros, which is based in Toumpa, Thessaloniki, on Athenagora Street 2 (from now on "Epiplochoros"as the controller of your personal data, informs you as the person to whom the personal data pertains (henceforth the "Subject") which visits/uses the website (hereinafter  "website") that the processing of personal data is governed by applicable national and EU legislation applicable to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by us (hereinafter the "Applicable Privacy Law", including Law 4624/2019 (hereinafter the "Law») and of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council which was voted on April 27, 2016 and set 

in effect from May 25, 2018 (hereinafter o "GDPR"), as well as from the relevant decisions, directives and regulatory acts of the Personal Data Protection Authority. 

1. Personal Data collected and processed by Epiplochoros 

Epiplochoros ensures the legitimate and legal collection and processing of personal data. Personal data is information that directly or indirectly identifies the Subject, in particular through reference to an identification element, such as name, e-mail address, etc. The above personal data collected are absolutely necessary for the implementation of the requested by the Action Subject. 

The Subject ensures that the personal data provided is correct and accurate and undertakes to notify Epiplochoros of any change or modification thereof. Any loss or damage caused to Epiplochoros or any third party by providing incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information in the contact form is the sole responsibility of the Subject.  

2. Use of the Site by Minors 

According to the specific provisions of article 8 par. 1 sec. a) of the Regulation in conjunction with article 21 of the Law, minors under fifteen (15) years of age are prohibited from communicating their personal data to us through the Website, without the prior consent of their guardian. We ask these persons not to submit information to us. 

3. Purpose of data processing 

Epiplochoros and/or processors, acting on its behalf and on its behalf, collect, process and use personal data of the Subject, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and this information on personal data. The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to contact Epiplochoros with the Subject to serve the request sent through the contact form or email address, which are included in the "Contact" section. Furthermore, the purpose is the best possible processing of Epiplochoros e-shop transactions, i.e. the completion of the order, the payment of the products and their shipment to the customers-Subjects. Epiplochoros collects and processes personal data exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and only to the extent absolutely necessary to effectively serve these purposes. This data is always relevant, useful and no more than is required in view of the above purposes, it is accurate and, if necessary, it is submitted for updating. 

Specifically, this Website collects and uses personal information for the following reasons: 

• Website Traffic Monitoring 

Like most websites, this one uses Google Analytics to track user activity. We use this data to determine the number of people using our Website, to better understand how they find and use our websites, and to see their journey through the Website. Although Google Analytics records data such as geographic location, device, web browser and operating system 

system of the Subject, none of this information makes the Subject personally known to us.  

• Email links 

In the event that the Subject chooses to contact us using one of our email links, none of the data he provides will be stored by this Website without his consent, nor will it be transferred or processed by any third party data processor. Instead, the data that will be sent to us is protected by the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, which means that email content is encrypted before it is sent over the internet. Email cont 

• Cumulative data

We also collect information automatically for system administration and statistical purposes to evaluate user preferences and improve our website.  

➢ Browser Type: We collect information about the browser preferences used by our users, including version. This helps us tailor content to the needs of our users. 

➢ Operating System: We collect information about the operating system our users are using to ensure content is available to the most users. 

➢ Internet Protocol Addresses (IP): The Internet Protocol (IP) is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the Internet. The computers that deliver our websites to you automatically recognize your computer from its own Internet Standard. 

4. Data retention time 

The data in question is kept only for the period of time necessary to carry out the purposes for which it was collected and processed (see paragraph number 3), and is deleted in a secure manner after this, unless it is envisaged that it will continue to be kept by the current legislation. 

5. Security of data 

The processing of personal data by Epiplochoros is carried out in a way that ensures its privacy. Epiplochoros takes all appropriate organizational and technical measures to secure data and protect it from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of unlawful processing. 

6. Data Breaches 

We undertake that in the event of a breach of the database of this Website or the database of any third party data processor we will inform the subjects as well as the Personal Data Protection Authority within 72 hours of the breach. 

7. Recipients of the data 

The recipient of your personal data is Epiplochoros itself as well as the processors on behalf of Epiplochoros.  

Epiplochoros guarantees that it will not transmit, share or make available the Subject's personal data to third parties for any purpose or use. However, it reserves the right to share information concerning the Subject, if the legislation introduces a corresponding relevant obligation or if the 

such disclosure is required by a court order, prosecutorial order or order or decision of another person or administrative body with legal authority to compel the disclosure of such information. 

8. Processing on behalf of Epiplochoros 

Epiplochoros uses third party service providers (e.g. web hosting providers, shipping companies, legal advisors and accountants) to manage one or more aspects of its activities, including the processing of personal information. When we use an outside company or partner, we use contractual commitments and other appropriate means to ensure that the Subject's personal data is used in a manner consistent with applicable law and this Policy. 

9. Use of Cookies 

Epiplochoros uses cookies to analyze visitor behavior, administer the Website, track user preferences and gather information about the user. This is done in order to personalize the experience of each Subject. We use cookies 

to manage sessions and to provide personalized web pages so that the Website reflects the particular needs and interests of each Subject. In this way, the Website remembers the actions and preferences of the Subject (such as display preferences, language, etc.) for a period of time, so that the Subject does not have to re-enter these preferences each time he visits the platform, except if desired. 

For more detailed information on the cookies we collect, see the Cookies Policy. 

10. Linking to third-party websites 

Any interconnection of the Website through special hyperlinks (links, hyperlinks, banners) with any other website of third parties does not imply that Epiplochoros assumes any responsibility for the policy followed on this website regarding the protection and management of personal data. The Subject should ensure that he is informed about the protection and management of his data from the above websites. 

11. Rights of Access, Correction and Deletion 

The Subject has the right to information, access, correction and deletion ("right to be forgotten"). The above rights can be exercised by sending an email to from the email address through which the original email was submitted, in order to identify the Subject.

Alternatively, the Subject may contact the premises of the Epiplochoros physical store, at Philippou 27 in Thessaloniki and telephone 2316 015799. During this process Epiplochoros may ask the Subject to verify his identity before he can fulfill his request. 

12. Communication with the Personal Data Protection Authority 

In the event that the Subject considers that the protection of his personal data is affected in any way, he may appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority in the following details:  

Personal Data Protection Authority

Kifisias 1-3, P.O. 115 23, Athens  

Tel 231 023 0154  


Because this information and the personal data protection terms contained therein may be modified, the Subject must regularly be informed of the content of this information and check for any changes. 

Last update: 28.03.20233